Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We've all read about the fatal panhandling that occurred in Toronto last week and ended in the death of Ross Hammond last Saturday night.

Of course we also know that the general response of Toronto city council is to show very little compassion or respect to the victims and their families and to issue statements about having compassion for the homeless and the poor.

I'll just say a few things.

I have been on welfare once for almost a year.

I have had to go with my family at Christmas-time to a food bank as a teenager, after my father died to make sure we at least had peanut butter and bread to eat for the holiday season.

Being poor does not make one commit crime. This is essentially what Toronto city council members are saying when they talk of blaming poverty for crime.

Being poor does not make one a criminal. Being a criminal makes one a criminal.

Now obviously, the world is a complex place and one must always try to show compassion to those who are homeless. Crime can occur out of situations of desperation and need and we should always try to understand why someone might do something like this. But there is an old saying that one must first know the rules before one can break them, and Toronto is a city which threw out the rule book years ago.

With a myopic view based on well-to-do, white, academic neo-Marxist oppression theory that seeks to control, not empower the poor, Toronto will make any excuse to having poor because that is how well-to-do, white, neo-Marxist politicians like David Miller, Howard Moscoe or Michael Bryant stay in power.

Have they consoled the family? Have they offered any compassion at all? My wife and I were on Queen Street West just last week and things like this get one thinking. We were also accosted a few years ago by a gang member at Yonge and St. Clair.

Toronto is quickly becoming one of the most extreme cities in North America for its ideology. Torontonians love to cry how their city is still safe relatively speaking; and relatively speaking it is. But the crime that is occurring is deadly and random and both visitors and Torontonians alike need to know that if you are the victim of a crime at the hand of the homeless or vicious Jamaican gangs or drug dealers, The City of Toronto will have no pity, mercy or compassion on you or your family.

Quite the opposite.

The left-wing City of Toronto will show all of its pity, mercy and compassion to those that did you or your family wrong or worse.


At 11:37 AM, Anonymous DavidA said...

Im inclined to agree with your opinion of the Toronto elite, but do you have any examples that you could link to show their indifference to victims?

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Spitfire said...

Hey Nicol,

Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing some of your personal history which adds a human element to your posts. When I read a person's blog post, whether I agree or disagree, I ask myself "why" to try to understand their perspective and why they think about that issue in that particular way.

We often hear about the link between poverty and criminality but the connection is a lot more complex than it appears on the surface. You identify the simplistic conclusion that is often asserted by left-of-centre academics that being poor makes one commit crimes more often.

Having not taken a criminology course I cannot comment too much on this issue. What I do know is that Toronto's issue rest not solely on poverty, but the "multicultural" issue that on one hand is celebrated, but then also becomes the elephant in the room when a crime is committed no one dare say the race or what north-west neighbourhood they may reside in.

I hope Robert Putnam's recent findings about the downside of "diversity" are published in a book.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger Nicol DuMoulin said...

Thanks for both of your comments.


I think the logic they use in and of itself shows the indifference.


Thanks for your remarks that are always well thought out. I try to tell people a little about myself so that they get a better idea as to who I am. Hopefully it makes me more three dimensional and not someone who just spews rhetoric.


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