Monday, August 20, 2007


The new BBC show Casualty has changed its plans to open its season with the depiction of an Islamic terrorist bombing.

Under pressure, they will now say the bombing is the work of animal rights extremists.

I remember after 24 became a hit, the BBC came up with its version called Spooks, which was renamed MI:5 for the North American audience so as to not offend politically correct sensibilities. We rented those DVD's a few months back and the first episiode of that series was about a series of bombings created by pro-life evangelicals.

A few years ago, I was able to get a screenplay I wrote on the subject of terrorism and the Irish Republican Army to the BBC and got very positive feedback on it. Then this happened, and I received a polite letter saying the screenplay was well very written and researched but the subject matter was too sensitive at this time.

After a while, not being able to deal with certain subjects is just poor story writing and indicative of a culture that does not want to deal with truth on any level.

Which is what political correctness is really about, anyway.


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