Monday, September 11, 2006


God bless all of those women and men who perished on September 11, 2001.

May they find themselves in a much better resting place.

My God also take away the hatred that lies so deep in the hearts of those who would perpetrate such acts.

May He also vanquish the hatred that may lay in the hearts of the victims.

I am not a pacifist, but I also believe that if any war is to be fought, it cannot be fought from a place of hatred. It must come from a place of intelligence, strategy and even a dose of compassion.

The War on Terror will most likely not be won in our lifetime. How could it be?

Nevertheless, the best weapon against it, is to keep our own hearts and minds and hence our nation pure. Only by doing that, will we find the power and strength to take us through these times and ensure that another September 11 does not happen again.

In the absense of pure hearts and minds we become no better than those who hate us, and allow their hatred to become our own.

God Bless.