Friday, September 30, 2011

National Post Censors Conservative Ad then Claims Not for Censorship

So, the "courageous" National Post has apologized for an ad that offended a certain segment of society that one is no longer allowed to offend because some people are a little bit more equal than others in modern day Canada.

And of course, what they do is what all gutless types do. Say that they defend free speech while saying the ad is "manipulative" while not once adressing the fact that all of the facts of the ad are not in dispute.

Well yes...ever advertisment ever created is made to use facts to bring the consumer around to a point using coercive visuals and imagery. That is manipulation. It is the nature of advertising. Progressives use it all the time.

Remember these government ads from a few years back. Ontario had their own version with a picture of the child behind bars. I recall they were all along Queen Street in Toronto.

Regardless of how you feel about this sex ed curriculum that reads as though it was written by Dan Savage, there is nothing that the Post says that is consistent with their purported view in favour of free speech. They can spin it anyway they want...this is exactly as it seems. A supposed conservative/libertarian newspaper bowing to the pressure of an extremely well financed and powerful lobby. Period. Full stop.

The Post has some good columnists but I will never pay for the paper again. It must also be noted that absolutely nothing in the ad is deemed to be untrue. Nothing. Everything the ad says is being taught... is.

And that is how the left always gets the right. Not on truth or facts, but on intangibles. Saying something is offensive but being unwilling to quantify that offense. A progressive trait if ever there was one.

Well, I hope the Post enjoys their new progressive readership in the wake of Sun News. I certainly will never buy their sad excuse for a gutless tabloid again.