Saturday, June 17, 2006


Why I believe in separation of art and state...


How many homeless people could that money have fed...


When even the fascists are afraid to speak up, you know the culture is not going to change anytime soon...


This is why I don't believe a bloody thing 'artists' say about George Bush...


What the hell is the point of voting anyway...

"The federal Conservative government says it won't lay a hand on the Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar.

A Toronto performance artist is offering the public an opportunity to sample human breast milk, in the spirit of wine tasting, and the lesbian single mother is using a $9,000 grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to help get the creative juices flowing. "

We are being betrayed by a generation of artists.

And nobody cares.

And when we are all long and dead from the planet it will be their stories and experiences that set the record of who we were at this point in history.

Are they speaking for you?

Do you care?

Friday, June 16, 2006


Not much else to say here.

I'm not surprised...are you?


Not that she needs me to defend her. I am amazed at how many conservatives are now distancing themselves from Ann Coulter. To hear many conservatives talk about her, she is the sole thing holding them back; the one person who does not give them credibility; the woman who they most likely should not emulate and show disgust towards to gain credibility with progressive friends.

One sad-sack ‘conservative’ blogger apparently even had any banners advertising Coulter’s new book removed from his blog. Great! You know that’s the type of character that has really dug his heels into the trenches for a long fight.

I am an Ann Coulter fan and have been since I began seeing her as a regular guest of Bill Maher’s on his show Politically Incorrect during the mid-nineties. Does Miss Coulter say things that are shocking, irreverent and politically incorrect? Of course. That’s why you have heard of her.

What is most important about Ann Coulter is that unlike most conservatives, she understands ‘culture’ as opposed to just politics. She understands that she is going up against the assumptions of the counter-culture of the 60’s and as such must turn the table and the assumptions made. She is a satirist and quite frankly makes me laugh harder than virtually any other male comedian in Hollywood these days.

And I think this is what really makes people uncomfortable. For four decades we have been used to the ‘cutting edge’ satirists being usually white, male, left-wing comedians who make fun of the usual topics; Christians, government, military, conservatives, tradition, corporations, oil, Catholics etc.

Now Ann Coulter comes along, an attractive, blonde haired conservative woman in a slinky black dress, and turns those assumptions on their ear. Her topics are all leftist sacred cow that you are not supposed to find humour in; abortion advocates, the gay lobby, secularists, liberals, teachers, environmentalists, Hollywood and feminists. She shocks and offends.

As conservatives, we are used to rolling our eyes in acceptance when a left-wing comedian such as Robin Williams says all conservatives are murderers or something to that effect. We shrug out shoulders when Jon Stewart takes a crack at Christians from Hicksville and dutifully chuckle when Tom Hanks appears on SNL mocking Catholics. We uncomfortably nod and agree when Chris Rock says all white people are racist. We do not like it…but hey, we’re used to it.

What we have not been taught is how to use humour as a weapon such as the left has and see the humour from our POV. There is much humour to be found in seeing the world from a conservative POV and Coulter has found it. She can spew wit like the best of them.

She is not a ‘hate monger’ any more than Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor were ‘sinful’ or ‘immoral’ during their time emerging from the conservatism of 1950’s culture. The words have changed but the attacks are the same.

And know this, culturally Ann is having an effect.

One Coulter appearance is worth 10,000 blogs.

One Coulter book worth 500 rallies. That is how culture works.

She is not holding conservatives back; quite the opposite. She can take credit for many of the advances conservatism has made in the past 10 years.

She has made conservatism mainstream, sexy and young. That was ever more apparent when she appeared with George Carlin on the Tonight Show this week, where Carlin, the verbal counter-culture spokesman of his generation clearly was the ‘old-fashioned’ aged veteran unable to shock or offend anyone.

Now I like and respect George Carlin but clearly the mantle-piece has been handed over. Coulter was introduced as ‘controversial’ and Carlin was the first guest plugging a kids animated film.

Unlike many conservatives she does not back-down. She does not try to impress progressive friends. She wears the name calling like a badge of honour.

Good for her. Some conservatives say they wish she would go away. I’m in the camp of those that welcome her sass, wit and dart like precision. Y’see, unlike those conservatives that wish she were gone…I want to win this thing.

If we want to get rid of conservatism’s dead weight, let’s start with that ass Garth Turner.

There. The boat is lighter all ready.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The following is the first in a series of conversations heard between two young students on the University of Toronto campus. It was as usual captured by our intrepid agent in the field.

Mandy: White, 21, always renews her prescription of Alesse.
Khalid: Third generation Muslim, 20, has an affinity for Steven Seagal action films and McDonald’s.

MANDY: Omigod! I am so sorry to hear about the terrorist threats.

KHALID: Me too.

MANDY: Do you feel threatened by the backlash?

KHALID: No. Not really.

MANDY: But what about the racist attack on the mosque?

KHALID: The media are saying otherwise but the truth is; we do not know who vandalized the mosque or why.

MANDY: Probably some right wing bigot. Nazi’s! Fascists! Zut alors!

KHALID: It’s not as simple as that.

MANDY: What are you talkin’ about? It’s you they’ll come after next.

KHALID: I’m not afraid. I’m not even that religious. My favourite movie is True Lies and I look forward to Under Siege 3. Seagal is a god amongst men!

MANDY: But seriously, do you not think this will lead to a new era in Canada where our cherished diversity and multiculturalism will be questioned?

KHALID: Canada’s diversity and multiculturalism may be the problem.

MANDY: What! I can’t believe I heard you say that.

KHALID: But it’s true. When Canadians are told that their culture is not worth keeping and that it is inherently racist and bigoted, it leads to some immigrants believing that they are oppressed…even when they are not.

MANDY: But that sounds like something a racist would say. Khalid, are you a racist?

KHALID: I’m Khalid. And Khalid thinks for himself.

MANDY: But do you at least not sympathize a little bit with your brothers.

KHALID: Now you’re being condescending. I’ll leave that sort of nonsense to a true fool like James Loney. The accused are not my brothers, nor do I believe in their ideology of hate.

MANDY: Ideology of hate! But Islam is a religion of peace. They were motivated by oppression and how they see their brothers and sisters tortured by a proto-fascist Canadian…

KHALID: Mandy, get a grip. We are in Afghanistan to do good. These people, if found guilty, were not motivated by oppression and what they see. They are mostly middle class and from the suburbs. The most oppression they saw in their life was when they were told by their Mullah they couldn’t chase girls on a Friday night.

MANDY: And you call yourself a practicing Muslim?

KHALID: No, actually I don’t. I even tasted elephant once on a family safari vacation and had brandy flavoured ice-cream at my cousins graduation.

MANDY: So, what’s you’re point.

KHALID: You’re so enlightened. Most of these kids are as influenced by the white media who keep telling them how evil and racist the West is as they are their faith. Personally, I think the CBC and the Toronto Star are as much to blame as their religion. In this case as least. On most days they seem like satellite operations for Hamas; or worse, George Clooney.

MANDY: And can you imagine if they actually bombed the CBC!

KHALID: Well, I guess fundamentalist Islam does have some virtues.

MANDY: What!

KHALID : Just kidding.

MANDY: You said something before that disturbed me. If too many Canadians think that they were motivated by their faith, do we not risk people not thinking Islam is a religion of peace?

KHALID: It’s up to the moderate Muslims to come forward. It’s in their hands. They have to admit that there is a systemic problem in a certain strain of Islam.

MANDY: But what about Christians? We don’t make them all suspects because of the thousands of abortion clinics that get bombed every year by Evangelicals in Canada.

KAHLID: Mandy, you certainly are a product of the public school system. There have been under five actual attempted abortion clinic bombings in North America in over three decades. And didn’t the Liberals just run two campaigns based on fear of Evangelicals?

MANDY: Yeah, well look at all the oppression Catholics have done for two thousand years. I recently found out that Catholics slaughtered 100 million women during medieval times in order to silence those who knew the truth about Jesus Christ.

KHALID: And what was that truth?

MANDY: That Jesus had a baby with Mary Magdalene and ended up in France with a Royal bloodline. Catholics really are malignant fuc…

KHALID: What was that about bigotry you said? Seems like someone has been watching too many Hollywood movies. There were roughly 5000 witch burnings. Nothing to be proud of…but hey, Castro is responsible for more than that with the Cuban revolution.

MANDY: Well, I guess time will only tell what happens.

KHALID: What needs to happen is a commitment to our Prime Minister and our Law Enforcement agencies to make sure Canada is no longer a safe haven for terrorists. We also need to make sure that we don’t get bogged down in liberal political correctness and worry about being called a bigot or a racist. We need to speak the truth.

MANDY: I guess that kinda makes sense.

KHALID: We also need to encourage moderate Muslims to condemn these acts. I know they exist, but if nobody speaks up, nobody will know.

MANDY: Take care, Khalid. I still think you are being too kind on Canada and the West.

KHALID: Canada is the greatest nation on the planet, Mandy. Perhaps if more ‘progressives’ believed that, we could start to tackle this problem together.